Best Treatment for All Types of Scars?

Hi, I'm a 30-year old from the Philippines. I am really eager to know what is the best treatment for all types of scars?

I had 2 TCA Cross Method treatment but haven't seen any improvement so I decided to stop. I want to try dermaroller as well but afraid it will not work as well.

I would really like my scars to be gone forever. By the way, I have all kinds of scar, rolling, ice pick and boxcars some are deep some are not that visible. Hope you could give me advice, it'll be greatly appreciated.

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Scar Managment

I am not sure but it sounds like your scars are from acne and are not post-surgical. If this is the case I recommend a laser resurfacing procedure, either fractionated non-ablative or ablative if you need skin tightening as well, or newer technololgy of sublative resurfacing.

If early post-surgical, I use aggressive scar massage at 21 days or 3 weeks post-op, followed at 4-6 weeks with silicone gel sheeting or a silicone/steroid based topical gel. Lasers are used at 3-6 months.

I hope this helps!

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