Best Treatment for Age Spots or Freckles on Face?

I have large age spots / freckles on my face. I've tried over the counter products but nothing is working. I new one just appeared about he size of a pencil eraser and its dark. What is the best product or procedure you would recommend?

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Broad Band Light (BBL)

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At our Biospa we use the Sciton® BBL which treats sun-damaged and aging skin. The light energy delivered by the BBL gently absorbs the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions in the upper layers of the skin. Over the next few days the pigmented lesions will darken and fall off. Pigmented lesions can be removed by full-face or spot-treat superficial resurfacing. This technology allows patients to experience quick recovery with smoother, healthier, more vibrant skin, and an immediate change in skin texture and tightness.

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Treatment for Age Spots or Freckles on Face

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There are a number of treatments that you can use. The first step is to choose an experienced and expert board certified physician who can guide you.

1) A good sunscreen is a must - we prefer a broad spectrum at least 50 SPF for South Florida

2) Core Obagi which includes clear, blender, and Retin A

3) You may also benefit from a combination laser resurfacing treatment/intense pulse light (such as Halo Laser and BBL/ipl).

Consult with 3 experienced and expert board certified physicians to understand your options.


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The laser that can help with your situation would be either Profractional laser or micro laser peel. You should see a PS to get a direct advice.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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IPL for age spots

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IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is a very common therapy performed in plastic surgery and dermatology offices. Some refer to this treatment as a "photofacial". Whatever you call it, it really works beautifully on age spots and freckles on the face!

It is easy to undergo, simple, and requires no down time. Typically, you must have 3-5 sessions to clear your face and smooth your complexion, and each photofacial is separated by about 3 weeks. You must avoid the sun during the span of treatment.

IPL photofacials can also be combined with treatment of the upper chest (decolletage) to eliminate fine wrinkles and sun damage spots here as well. Preservation of your result depends on how well you stay out of the sun and if you use medical skin care, eg. Obagi.

For my patients, I recommend 4 sessions of IPL photofacials +/- decolletage treatment, followed by the Obagi Nu Derm skin system. This is sure to rejuvenate your complexion and keep it looking great long into the future!

Combination topical therapy for brown spots

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Depending on the skin type, it is important to be sure the correct combination of topical therapies are used.  typically a retinoid such as tretinoin plus a bleaching agent such as hydroquinone is used and since both of these agents can be irritating it is important to use them under close supervision.  To treat the irritation a midl topical corticosteroid may also be used.  These in addition to other procedures will help to light the spots.  To prevent development of more spots and to keep the ones being treated from recurring, avoid UV exposure by sun avoidance and sun protection.

Delphine J. Lee, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologist

Best Treatment for Age Spots on the Face

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One of the most effective ways to reverse age spots due to the effects of chronic sun damage to your skin is by using a combination of two prescription strength medications: 4% hydroquinone and tretinoin cream. Prescription strength 4% hydroquinone is better than any OTC product for lightening dark spots in the skin. These dark spots are typically due to chronic sun damage so daily use of sunscreens is essential in your treatment. Combining prescription-only tretinoin cream with hydroquinone will make it even more effective. I recommend the Obagi Nu-Derm System which uses both tretinoin cream and hydroquinone to visibly lighten age spots as well as the fine lines and wrinkles that are due to chronic sun exposure.


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