Which is the Best Treatment for my 2cm Atrophic Scar?

I have a vertical 2cm trauma atrophic scar over the eyebrow,slightly pigmented.

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Depressed forehead scar

This scar reveals a deficiency of deep soft tissue and thus is indented. A volume filler such as fat or even more simply, Radiesse, can be injected to plump out the area to match the surrounding soft tissues and create a smooth contour. If some hyperpigmentation is still present, there are a few ways that this can be addressed.

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Atrophic Scar

One way to improve your atrophic scar would be adding fat to plump it up.  There is a wonderful fat injection cannula that actually has a sharp V shaped dissector on the end of the cannula.  The V dissector actually separates the scar tissue/skin from the underlying subcutaneous tissue (a subcision), this releases the scar adhesion. Once the adhesion has been released, you can then inject fat under the area to plump if up.  This procedure may need to be done several times to achieve optimal results, but in the end it works nicely.

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