Am I Treating This Scar Correctly? Need Advice and Honest Answers. (photo)

I want to improve on this scar I have. Ive done a fraxel restore on and around the cheek area but see little to no improvement. Do i need to get Subcision? Or am i treating with the right laser, technique? What should I do to continue? Should do just do all 5 Fraxel restore first then Subcision? Or Subcision first or whatever I'm suppose to do in order to optimize my scar improvement? Can a doctor give me a honest opinion on what should i do next? I cannot look at others nor myself under lights

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#Fraxel for scars

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first of all Scars are permanent! treaments can make it better but cannot erase them. my approach would be to use a combination of lasers and perhaps fillers. Im not sure form the pics you have posted that subcision is the answer

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Scars are best treated with a combination of modalities

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Scars are best treated with a combination of modalities.  I love Fraxel and depending on your response you may need five treatments.  I would also inject the scars with a filler before your first Fraxel and that will optimize the effects of your treatment and give you the best result.

Laser for scars

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Firstly, I'd have to say that I think your scar looks better with the treatment that you've had.  The more treatments you have with the Fraxel the better it's going to be.  If you switched to an ablative fractionated laser treatment such as CO2 or Pearl fractional the response would be faster but with more down time.  Subscision could be done with the laser and in your case I think would be helpful. I hope this helps.  Good luck.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD
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It is implied that your scar is due to acne. If that is the case, we have filled thme and used CO2 laser with moderate success. Nothing erases scars completely

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon

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