How to Treat Thin Eyebrows?

Hello, I am 55 and am losing a lot of eyebrows. I recently read that Latisse can help brows grow back, is this true? if so, how and where can I buy it, can I get it online, do I need a doctor's prescription? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. TWY

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Schedule a consultation with a hair restoration specialist for the best treatment options.

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Schedule a consultation with a hair restoration specialist for the best treatment options. Latisse is obtained through a doctor or doctor office.

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Latisse works well for treatment of Thinning Eyebrows, however it is currently considered "off-label"

Although not FDA-approved for eyebrow application, many patients have demonstrated impressive success with use of Latisse for treatment of thinning eyebrows.  Latisse works by lengthening the "growing" phase of the hair growth cycle.  You can purchase Latisse from most cosmetic physician's offices, and you should have an evaluation by the physician prior to beginning treatment.  

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Latisse for thinning eyebrows

Latisse is only FDA approved for use on the eyelashes, but some patients have tried it on eyebrows and are having success because it will work to regrow any active follicles. Allergan is actually in the process of going through the FDA approval for the eyebrow area now, but technically, it's not approved for that area yet, though you can certainly use it there if you would like. Yes, it's available by prescription only. So you will need to do one of two things: 1. see a doctor who can give you a prescription and fill it at your local pharmacy, or 2. go to a physician's office who is legally allowed to dispense the product to you from their office. You can review the Latisse website to find offices close to you that can do this.

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