How to Treat the Flushing of Rosacea? Moderate V Beam is Not a Good Choice for Flushing? Should I Go for Purpuric V Beam?

hello i m suffering from rosacea triggers for almost a year , i used roaccutane for my acne but during roaccutane my rosacea became even worse i was told that isotretinoin will improve my rosacea symptoms,.after roaccutane i started v beam ,now my three sessions of v beam has completed all procedures are done spacing 3 weeks, i saw significant improvement in my redness but my flushing has not gone. all my v beams are non purpuric , should i go for purpuric setting to remove flushing plz reply me

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Flushing of the Face and Rosacea

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Have your dermatologist see if you have urticaria (hives).  Unfortunately, it possible to have more then one skin condition at the same time.  If your dermatologist finds that you do, in fact, have urticaria then going on antihistamines may be of value to you.


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