How Can I Treat the Dak Skin on my Top Lip ? and Are my Medications Causing It?

hi i have dark skin that has suddenly appeared on my top lip its like clusters of freckles?? i think it melasma but im not too sure . its getting me down alot as it looks very like a moustache im wondering if you could tell me what to ask my doctor for to treat it as iv bought a skin lighting cream called ivorycaps for £27 a few days ago but i dnt belive it is working? i would also like to know if taken diazapam or amatrypiline causes this or not? as i prescribed these from my doctor . thank you

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Melasma and skin pigmentation

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I prescribe the Melarase creams, AM and PM, for pigmentation above the lips.  Some patients will also need the RR Retinoid REpair to further exfoliate and improve skin tone. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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