How to Treat Skin Damaged by Fraxel Repair?

I had fraxel 18 months ago. withing 4 months, i noticed the 'loss of volume' wrinkling, deflated skin, and (for the very first time the veins on my forhead and around my temples. I conlcuded that fraxel melted my fat, damaged the elasticity in my facial skin. I also have never been able to return to using my 1.0 retin A as it burns my face. (I hve been using 1.0 retin A since I was 26 - i am 49 now & and now my skin is unable to handle it) Can I repair my skin somehow?

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Repairing Fraxel treatments

I'm sorry to hear that you had a poor result with your Fraxel treatments. What you describe is rather unusual after fractional laser treatments. While anything is possible, I have not heard or seen any reports of patients who had a loss of fat after any Fraxel Repair or similar procedure. I would suggest you speak with your treating surgeon and compare your before and after photos. As to your retin-a, I would suggest trying a lower strength Retin-A. There are excellent studies which show that lower strength results in the same cosmetic results without the same side effects.

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