How to Treat a Scar on Forehead of 17 Month Old? (photo)

My son fell 3 weeks ago and had a bump and cut. I was putting on vaseline to stop a scab, however one formed anyway. The scar fell off and now it looks like there is a little depressed section of the scar. It is horizontal to forehead (makes his frown look very deep). I have been using Scarguard and vitamin E. Is there anything else I can do?

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Fraxel restore and Botox/Dysport Can Improve Forehead Scars

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Silicone sheeting, made for scars, can improve a scar while it is healing, making the scar:

  • less red,
  • less raised &
  • less firm.

The sheeting I suggest to my patients is Cimeosil, and can be researched on the internet. The manufactures of Cimeosil also have a silicone gel to wear on the scar during the day if it is inappropriate to wear the sheeting. 

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