How Does One Treat Post Laser Hair Removal Hypertrichosis? (photo)

i've been treated by a laser from december, 2009 until july, 2012. the areas that had fine hair and have been treated turned into terminal hair. is further laser treatment the right solution? there is no hormonal imbalance, and the hair grew thicker only in areas with fine hair. the practitioner used light sheer duet duo for the first 6 treatments and then yag for the next 4-5. Nd Yag seemed to have stimulated thicker hair where there was fine hair.

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Laser Hair Removal is Not Working! What to do?

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Hi LA.  The remedy to the problem is using the correct laser and the correct fluence.  Based on the pictures you sent, we would probably be starting you at a fluence of 25 - 30 joules per cm2.  The maximum fluence on the Lightsheer Duet (large face, painless mode) is 12 joules per cm2.  For this reason, we can understand why this might have happened.  It's half the energy (or less) that you need for permanent hair removal.

Regarding the long pulsed Yag, we only use this machine for Africans or East Indians, Persians and other dark skin types that also have very coarse hair.  We would never use it on your skin type for light or fine hair.  It just doesn't work well.

We are also in Los Angeles and offer a free consultation to start the process.  You can click the link below to review information about our practice and laser hair removal.  We use three different lasers to make sure we get excellent results for all skin and hair types.  

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Hypertrichosis after YAG laser.

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You might want to try switching to an Alexandrite laser, such as that offered in the Elite MPX by Cynosure.  It is our gold standard for laser hair reduction at our medical spa.

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