How can treat my scar? Will it remove himself? (photo)

Approximately 4 months ago i was e lipomal surggeon on my forehead.and it 2-3 cm.I think after this lipomal surgeon i saw that there are 2-3 little skin moles and little parts like acnes on my forehead.maybe moles are other part of my body but i dont see yet.i send you picture of my forehad.and my question is how can treat my scar ? or it wil be remove himself?and what do you think is there some relation forehead lipomal surgeon with little moles and acnes?i am sorry for my english Thank you

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How to treat forehead scar?

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From your photographs, the scar on your forehead does not look too bad. You mention it looks red to you, and this would not be unusual 4 months after your lipoma was removed. The redness will improve with more time and you should be using sun protection over the area to help. If the redness does not disappear over more time, it could be treated with a laser to help the redness fade.

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