How should I treat my IPL burn? (Photo)

I received an IPL treatment and immediately had intense burning for the next several hours afterwards. Once the redness faded, I had several 'stamp' marks on my forehead. Over the last two days the burn marks on my have become darker. I was told to use hydrocortisone cream (2.5%) and sunscreen. What else should I do?

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Superficial IPL burn on forehead

Unfortunately you were treated on much too high of a level, so you have a burn. Fortunately it appears to be a superficial burn so I don't expect you to have long-term discoloration problems. First, you should make sure you contact the office that treated you so they know your settings were too high and you are burned. Second, I would recommend you keep the area moist (and possibly get a prescription for Betamethazone Ointment which helps with burns). HC cream and sunscreen are also a necessity. Do not pick any scabs that form.

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