How to Treat my Festoons? (photo)

29,male.I get so depressed with my festoons and a unknown line disappeared on the right cheek in recent a year. I really need your suggestion.Please tell me what kind of treatment I can take...

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Cheek rejuvenation for younger patients

Your photograph doesn't really show any dramatic festoons, since it only shows your cheek and mouth and doesn't show your lower eyelid very well.  A festoon (to a facial plastic surgeon) is the loose baggy skin of the lower eyelid.  This often has a watery appearance and can have marked changes in how much it swells, even over the course of a day. You have a relatively prominent cheek septum which is the line you above the nasolabial fold.  This area could be addressed with a filler.  I would recommend an in-person consulation with a local facial plastic surgeon.  He/she will be able to evaluate your face and determine exactly what area of your face concerns you, and recommend the best way to correct it.  Best wishes.

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Treatment for festoons

From your pictures, I can't actually tell if you have festoons or not.  It appears that there may be a depression between your lower eyelid area and cheek and then also a depression at the nasolabial fold that merges with a depression on the lower and lateral portion of the cheek.  You may be a good candidate for a filler that could help improve your appearance.  The filler could be injected into the above mentioned areas of depression and this should help.  I would consult with a physician experienced with filler injections to get more detailed information and to see if you are truly a candidate for such treatment.  There are several types of fillers that could be used.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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