How do I treat my daughters clogged pores?

Once my 14 year daughter hit puberty her pores have become extremely clogged. This excludes her forehead and nose but on the rest of her face there are white bumps underneath her skin. She's used countless over the counter products but nothing seems to work. This type of acne is not red or swollen and the only way to get to them is by squeezing out the sebum. Her dermatologist recommended acutane but I feel she's too young. Please help.

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Treating teenage acne

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If you don't want your daughter to take Accutane that is fine. There are other options. Squeezing out the sebum is NOT one of them as this will ultimately lead to scars and divets in the skin, which will then have her suffering from acne scarring. Not a good plan. Discuss other options with your dermatologist for topicals and oral meds. OTC products are not going to be strong enough in this case.

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Acne Treatment

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It is always best to seek treatment with a dermatologist.  Depending on the severity of your daughter's acne, there are multiple topical and oral medications that can be tried before proceeding to Accutane.   A topical prescription retinol and oral antibiotic can be very effective.  There are multiple treatment options that should be exhausted before proceeding with Accutane. 

Aurora Badia, DO
Fort Myers Dermatologist

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