Can You Treat Minor Sagging Under Chin Without Sewing Platysma & Without Tight Feeling in Neck? (photo)

Hi, would you kindly inform me if there's a way to treat minor sagging under the chin without sewing the platysma together- & without causing "noose" or tightness feeling that I hear can be part of a typical neck lift? (I've thyroid issues and a 3 cm nodule--so my neck already has "tightness" issues!) Although I am 55, my face and neck still look really nice--I don't even have any "turkey bands" and have no fat--just a small (but disturbing) sag under the chin. Thanks! Kate

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Non-surgical neck lift

You look great for 55...congratulations!

You have evidence of platysmal bands in your photo.  Unfortunately, without addressing those surgically, there is nothing that will give you a lasting good result.

Tightness in your neck is common in the few days after surgery, but usually goes away relatively quickly.  Consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area and he can help discuss the best options for you.

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Sagging Neck

Hello, in reviewing the photo you submitted it appears that a platysmal plication is in order. At this point you only have a little sagging but surgery is still necessary to eliminate the banding and the slight sag. If this is starting to bother you schedule a consultation with a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.

David Alessi, MD
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Treating Minor Sagging Under The Chin

Lompoc, C.A., The answer to your question is no. You have early sagging of the anterior borders of the platysma muscles. This will get worse with time. How fast, no one knows. When it gets to the point that you are unhappy enough about the sagging that you want to treat it surgically, see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who can give you your options. Though some tightness after surgery is common, it usually resolves with time. After all, you wouldn't want to have surgery to tighten your neck and expect it to feel loose.

Howard N. Robinson, MD (retired)
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Treatment of minor sagging of neck

You have platysmal bands with some apparent hollowing in the area under your chin.  I have not had good success with less invasive treatments such as Botox.  You would do best to have a neck lift with the platysma muscle divided low in your neck  and then have the muscles brought together in the midline to restore a youthful convexity under the neck.  If this is done properly you should not have any tightness as you describe.  

Michael Sundine, MD
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If You Want Your Neck to Look Good for a Long Time You Will Need a Platysmaplasty

First of all, you look great for 55. Congrats.From your photo it looks like platysmal bands are at the root of your problem. If you try to tighten the skin without doing anything to the platysma muscle, you will likely get recurrent sagging in a relatively short period of time (the tightened skin will be pushed back downwards by the heaviness of the muscle edges- remember, skin is meant to cover, not to provide support). The only reliable way to get the sagging to go away for a long period of time is to sew the platysma back together in the midline. You could do this with a neck lift (mini or regular). While having the neck feel tight after this lift is common, it usually goes away very quickly (a few weeks to a month), and generally is not an issue that tends to bother people very much. Good luck.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Can You Treat Minor Sagging Under Chin Without Sewing Platysma & Without Tight Feeling in Neck?

 Yes, we offer a submental skin excision that can tighten the area without requiring plication or sewing of the platysmal muscle. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Treating sagging skin under chin and neck

When the neck starts to sag, it is because the upper portion of the face and jawline have relaxed and as a result the neck muscle/skin starts to settle (sagging). This is a continuous process over years. The definitive treatment, even in early and subtle cases is a vertically-based facelift technique used to restore the soft tissues of the jawline and neck back to their more youthful position. This also supports the tissue so they do not sag and age further in the upcoming years. A tight or pulled look should not occur if the procedure is done properly with an experienced and skilled facial surgeon. 

Amir M. Karam, MD
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Is a necklift necessary to treat minor sagging under chin

It would help to see more views.  From what I can see you have a nicely defined jaw border and one or two prominent bands of the platysma muscle.  One option that you might consider is the injection of a relaxant such as Botox or Dysport directly into the band.  Sometimes this works surprisingly well, but of course the treatment has to be repeated at regular intervals.  If this doesn't  work, a tightening of the platysma muscle will be helpful.  This will feel tight for a little while, but the result is worth it.  Some plastic surgeons tighten the muscle from the front.  I prefer an approach from the side in most cases.

John Q. Cook, MD
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Treatment of Minor Neck Sagging

Minor neck sagging under the chin is the first symptom of facial aging. Usually, if you look carefully, you also have some looseness in the lower face, mild hollowing of the cheek, extra lines beside the mouth and loss of some malar (upper cheek) fullness. These things cannot be evaluated in the smiling picture you presented. I treat these problems, including the neck in the picture, with a MACS type lift. This does not do any dissection or suturing below the chin, but suspends the neck back toward the ear where a retaining ligament has loosened allowing the accumulation under the chin. It also corrects the other problems mentioned. No matter what is done, however, you will have some tightness post operatively in order to keep the problem from recurring quickly. To answer your question as to what would be best for you, see a Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in treating minimal aging such as yours.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Can You Treat Minor Sagging Under Chin

Your photo is not adequate for any good analysis.For that you would need straight on front and side with no facial expression. But based on what I can see it appears you have two bands of platysma, the right much more prominent. That requires platysma surgery of some sort, there are several options, one of which you mentioned. If you like, please resubmit your question with better photos. Or bertter yet see a qualified and board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon
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