How to Treat Microphalogia Without Getting a Fake Eye?

Hello I was born with one eye smaller than the other, I think the medical term is mircophalogia, I have little sight in my left eye( the small one). My eye doctor been telling me for a few years that an eye lift and color contact lenses will make my eyes look more symmetrical. I dont have any health history or anything like that. Ive did an consultation with a doctor over email and he stated I would need serious surgery like a fake eye which I do not want. Please tell me what you think.

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How to Treat Microphalogia Without Getting a Fake Eye?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you any useful information without a full examination.  See an Oculoplastic surgeon who can give you appropriate recommendations.

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Scleral shell

Without an actual examination, this is a tough question to answer. From the photo you have provided, however, your right eye seems significantly smaller and it seems unlikely that an eyelid lift alone would be enough to achieve the symmetry you desire.

A scleral shell [a prosthesis that goes over your microphthalmic eye would probably get a better cosmetic result. You need a consultation with a oculoplastic surgeon and an ocularist [artist that makes the prosthetic shell]. i have provided a link for you to find one close to you.

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First, it is difficult to provide you accurate advice without a detailed examination.

There are a variety of forms of microphthalmos from a small but fully formed eye to a small cystic structure.  You have a functional eye.  What should be done depends on the quality of the vision in the small eye.  Generally we want to do everything to preserve and protect useful vision even at the expense of cosmetics.  Colored contact lens or scleral shells may work for some.  Be careful with the eyelid surgery which can compromise the comfort of the eye.  Look for an oculoplastic surgeon who advocates for your well being.

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The term is micro-ophthalmia.  Unfortunately, there is no surgery for it.  Do you have any vision on that eye?  Usually the best answer is a scleral shell (which is basically a fake eye; it is colored fancy hard contact lens).

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