How Do You Treat Lower Lid Laxity with Dry Eyes and Punctual Plugs?

My lower lid is not suctioning to the eyeball and my eye keeps tearing. What would you recommend?

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The lower lids are responsible for pumping the tears that lubricate your eyes into your nose.  When the lower lids are lax (ectropion), then that can result in tearing.  This requires lower eyelid tightening (ectropion surgery).  There also other causes of tearinng.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Eyelids and tearing

There are tear drains on the inside corner of the eyelids.  When you blink the tears are pumped down the drain towards your nose.  If your eyelids are not sitting tightly against the eye (as they should) then you will tear.

You would need an examination to know for sure, but most likely you would need outpatient surgery to correct the problem and stop the tearing.

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Only a personal consultation can answer this question.

The conditions you are describing are usually considered medically necessary and covered by health insurance. As such you need to work with in the policies of your health plan. If you can see Dr Cohen, he would be an excellent choice. Otherwise get an appropriate referral to an oculoplastic surgeon who does participate with your heal insurance.

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