How to Treat Fraxel Side Effect?

it seemed ok with the first 2 treatments, but i didn't see any different and then with the 3rd treatment, i noticed that it took so long to heal, it's been more than 2 months now, the skin discoloured, the texture are changed, some bump, maybe there are depression of the skin.I thought that Fraxel could help me out, but i look older now with the side effect.

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Please check back with the doctor who did the treatment if you have concerns following Fraxel Laser Treatment.

It is always best to check back with the doctor who did the Fraxel Laser treatment.  If you doctor is experienced expert in doing this type of treatment,  he/she will know what to do for you.  If you are still concerned, seek a second opinion form an experience and well respected dermatologist who has extensive experience doing Fraxel Laser Treatments.

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