How to Treat Chemical Peel Side Effects with Creams?

I have done chemical peels and got my skin too oily and have developed wrinkles.Every day its oily but loose.My skin developed folded inside near my teeth that i could sense with my tongue.Even if i become chubby and eat more that foldness is there and my face size has reduced.I found that my facial oil glands have got damaged.Plz help to rectify with some creams that can cure oil glands secretion and wrinkles and my skin looseness.

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Chemical Peel Side Effects

Thank you for your question. At times after a peel, the oil glands can become very active, and produce more.  Usually, then become less active, and the skin becomes dry, and people complain of more wrinkles after a peel due to dryness.  More oil usually provides the illusion of  less wrinkles. I recommend you visit your Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with expertise in cosmetic procedures, peels, and anti aging treatments and have a skin evaluation and consultation to discuss all of your options. I hope this helps.

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