How Can I Treat Acne After an Open Rhino W/out Inducing Swelling?

I made the horrible mistake of agreeing to a tip elevation (w/medpor-the surgeon never told me what it was)making my short, bulbous nose doubly so for open/rev rhino. Not only does it look unnatural & humped 2 wks out--every time I use benzoyl peroxide or Retin-A to treat my acne, my tip reswells. I've seen my nose 50% this size, then it refills. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to treat the edema & I worry Kenalog will make it worse. I took prescribed predinisone.

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You are very early in the postoperative period...

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Hello irealselfi,

You are very early after revision tip rhinoplasty.  Your nasal tip is also dealing with a foreign body that is typically stable in the nose but is still a foreign body.  This might lead to more shifting swelling in the early months of your recovery.  Anything that can irritate the skin, like acne medicine or Retin-A, will lead to more swelling.  Something like a kenalog injection must be approached carefully because of the medpor in your nose.  You could also have an undiagnosed nasal tip infection.  Your surgeon can help diagnose that.

 You could ask your dermatologist for a prescription of topical antibiotics or oral antibiotics to suppress/control your acne.  After the first month, the nasal tip skin is a little more hardy, so it can withstand the irritation better.  Just be patient, but discuss your concerns with your surgeon as I'm sure they want the best results for you possible.  It will be almost a year before your your nasal tip is done healing and this is pretty standard for most patients.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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