Is This Treament for a Gastric By-pass Patient..its Been 2002 Since I Had It Now Looking to Remove the Belly Thigh Fat..

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Body lift after weight stability

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Great job!!  Unfortunately there is no effective non-surgical method.  However, a body lift can truly change your life. Excess abdominal fat  and skin is removed, the abdomen and your core is tightened, your hips are raised and defined and your buttock has new definition and shape.  The combination is powerful and the results are immediate. I would do the body lift first, then stage procedures every 4-6 months. Healing time is 2-4 weeks. The most important thing is safety. Please don't compromise on this! See a board certified plastic surgeon

Body lift 360bodylift plastic surgery after massive weight loss excess skin

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The body lift or 360bodylift is a procedure that removes skin and fat from the abdomen, lateral hips, and buttocks. The procedure results in a flat abdomen, smooth lateral thighs, and a raised and contoured buttock.  I have performed this procedure on hundreds of gastric bypass patients; however, the procedure is not exclusively for massive weight loss patients.  The body lift is designed for any person seeking to be rid of excess abdominal, hip, and buttock skin and fat.  Please visit my web site for more information and to see "before and after" pictures. Best wishes in completing your weight loss journey.  Sincerely, Dr. Katzen

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Lower Body Lifting

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Many post-gastric bypass patients start thinking about the lower body lift after they have lost their weight.  Best to make sure that you are at a stable weight and to make sure that the surgeon you choose has experience with post-gastric bypass patients as well as the lower body lift.  A board certified plastic surgeon is who you should consult with.  Good Luck !

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