Travelling Overseas While Wearing Invisalign?

My husband and I want to take a 3 week vacation to Europe. I've been wearing Invisalign for 8 months and have another 3-4 months left, then 6 months+ with the retainer fulltime. I'm a bit concerned about cleaning my teeth properly while travelling and finding ways to clean my hands before brushing and flossing. I've been given mixed information (floss after any food; floss at least twice a day; brush after any food; brush as soon as you can, etc). Any advice would really be appreciated.

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Dr. Gerry's Top 3 Tips for care and maintenance while traveling during Invisalign treatment.

Travel often presents a need for modification of traditional home care and maintenance so here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Always carry a travel toothbrush and "floss picks." These are easy to keep in your pocket or bag and you can use without toothpaste on the go.

2. Always keep a fresh bottle of water with you. Whether hydrating or rinsing your mouth or your Invisalign trays on the go, bottles water is essential.

3. Always keep a travel size of hand sanitizer (e.g.,Purell) on you and use on your hands before removing or replacing your Invisalign trays.

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Traveling with Invisalign

The more you clean your teeth the better it is for their overall health, but as long as you keep regular habits and brush at least in the morning and in the evening nothing can happen in 3 weeks period. Obviously if you can manage to do it more often it can only help your teeth.

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