Is Travel OK After Brazilian Butt Lift

II'm having the Brazilian Butt Lift in a few days and have to travel afterwards by plane for a couple of hours.  Can more than 600cc of fat cells be injected in each butt cheek (I'm sure I have enough fat cells in my abdomen and back) or will the fat cells die or be reabsorbed due to the travel?

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Brazilian butt lift and travel

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The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. The fat is placed in the buttocks this fat is like a skin graft. It has no blood supply. In the best case scenario 65% percent of the fat will live and give a permanent result. The 1st 4 to 5 days the fat cells are the weakest and will die with pressure on the buttocks. I recommend not sitting or laying on the buttocks for the 1st 10 days. If you sit for prolonged periods of time you may not get your best result. Instead of 65% of the cells living maybe only 50% of the cells live.

Traveling soon after the Brazilian butt lift will not give you the best result.

Travelling buttocks!

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Dear beaut43,

Safety comes first!  This is a huge investment in time, energy, money, and most importantly your health.  Don't be in a rush.  The longer you stay close to your surgeon, the more followup you will have, and the more secure you will be that things are healing well.  The longer you stay off your new fat cells in your new butt (probably a week), the better chance they will have of surviving.  How much fat can be injected depends on the size, shape and elasticity of your buttocks. (600cc is high but possible)  Even more important than how much fat is put in is how well the liposculting is performed to harvest quality fat, leaving behind a nice figure.  Best of luck.

The Brazilian Butt Lift and Traveling

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I recommend my patients to stay at least a week after surgery in a local hotel for various reasons. Removing the large amount of fat that is required to augment and shape your behind may have some problems with fluid retention, blood clots, and orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drop when you stand up. In addition, although pain control is not typically an issue, it is extremely necessary for the patient to be comfortable. The patient should stay overnight with a nurse to make sure that there are no health issues in the critical first 24 hrs.  In addition, you will have drained on your lower back, which will be removed within 7 days.

There have been reports of patients that have not had any surgery but have developed a clot while traveling due to prolong sitting and immobility.  Although rarely, there is a slight risk for patients who have undergone surgery of having this type of problem.

I recommend you to do the following when traveling a week after the surgery:

1. Go to the restroom a few times and stretch your legs. Move, move, and move! Don’t fall asleep for prolong period  of time during the flight.

2. Use a cigar-shape pillow under your thighs to avoid direct pressure on your buttocks.

Brazillian butt lifts, buttock augmentation, fat transfer to the butt etc etc

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there are no studies to refer to in trying to answer your question. i do many Brazilian but lifts, its my most performed surgery today, and i cant tell you if sitting on the fat within a week of surgery is OK or not. logic says it's not a good idea and the issue of pulmonary embolisms and long flights is a valid one. if you were my patient i would allow you to take a two hour flight, as long as you are hydrated, move around after take off and landing, and don't sit directly on the areas I injected. i have found that sitting forward is often better than laying on your back. talk to your board certified plastic surgeon. he or she can best tailor your travel plans to suit your needs.

Can you travel after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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It is preferable to hold off on air travel for about 1 week after undergoing the Brazilian Butt Lift. Traveling after the surgery may slightly increase the possibilty of a clot to the lung which can be serious. Also sitting on the buttocks for many hours may increase the possibilty of losing some of the fat injected becasue of the pressure. What I srecommend  to my traveling patients is to wear anti-embolic stockings( which we supply), get up from the seat as often as possible( every half hour for 5-10 minutes), sit on a doughnut cushion, and try to stay in New York for 1 week. Good luck!

Travel after Brazilian Buttlift

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   Travel after Brazilian buttlift should not impact fat survivability provided that frequent breaks from sitting are taken.  600 cc is a small amount, which is fine.  If you are looking for more impressive result consider 1200 cc to 1500 cc. Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian Buttlift Los Angeles, CA

Travel after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Hi there-

In my practice, we do many Brazilian Butt Lifts on out of town patients, and usually recommend against a long flight or road trip for at least 10 days or so. 

This is not just in the interest of preventing the death of some of the fat placed, although that is obviously important, but also in the interest of having you nearby for important postoperative visits and support from myself and my staff.

In order to get the best outcome and be safe and happy, you'll want to be close to your surgeon for a while after the procedure. Your surgeon will be able to guide you in the exact timeframe he/she recommends before travel.

Brazilian Buttock lift

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After Brazilian Butt lift, which can take from 4 hours to 6 hours, which include liposuction from multiple areas.

1: you are hypercoaguable, form blood clots. and if you add the travel you increase your chances of blood clots.

2: sittin on the fat that was transfered is not a good idea, the fat can die, can be dispersed. You can use donut to sit on or an inflatable tube (used for swimming)

3: wear your special Buttock girdle to support the fat and help keep it in place.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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