I Travelled to the States 5 Weeks Ago from the Uk, I Have Natrelle 460cc Gel Implants Style 45, Left Implant Still High?

I had my surgery 5 weeks ago, natrelle 460cc gel implants style 45 under muscle, under breast incision, I didn't rest really after surgery, went out walking, shopping etc. 3rd day I swelled quite bad and slowed down a little. Left implant always felt higher. Right one has settled after 3 weeks. When I saw surgeon at 10 days he said I bruised very badly because of not resting. Taught me massage to bring higher implant down. I am back in the uk and depressed because its not working.. Su

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Breast implants too high

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Very rarely do patients have much bruising at all with breast augmentation. Walking and shopping on the 3rd day after surgery is completely reasonable and allowed with my patients. I do prefer them to restrict heavy lifting and specific upper body exercises, but I doubt that your activity had much to do with bruising. If there was some significant bruising on one side, then it will take a notably longer amount of time to heal and look normal. It may be completely normal for the left side to look a bit higher at this point. I see that it consistently takes 3 months for my patients to see the implants soften and settle to the full extent. You may just need to give it more time. Massaging may help and compression straps may also help. Unfortunately, anyone with notable bruising after breast augmentation is at a higher risk for a capsular contracture which can also cause an implant to appear too high. You really need to consult with a qualified breast surgeon who can do a physical exam to be certain. 

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