Is It Risky To Be Traveling out of State to Go to a Known Surgeon For Capsulectomy? (photo)

I am considering traveling to Los Angeles from Texas, to do a breast implant removal and capsulectomy. Silicone, 28 years old, above the muscle, and recently, the right one has developed minor contracture. I have only lived in Texas 4 years, and lived in LA for 21. I know the surgeon in LA, and he knew my late Father as well. I trust him, and he has the best record and reputation, but I am worried about traveling, and possible post op care, and/or complications, once I'm back in Texas.

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Traveling for plastic surgery

There are plenty of great plastic surgeons in Texas so you shouldn't need to travel for something as simple as this.  However, if you feel more comfortable, then stay in LA for 2 weeks, no less, and then go back home.  After 2 weeks, very little could happen.

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Traveling out of state for breast surgery

Your situation sounds reasonable to travel for the surgery but has been pointed out, the problem is in the recovery and follow-up. I would require my patients to stay locally for at least a week after such surgery and arrange for a return trip or someone willing to follow up locally. Two weeks would be even better. 

I would also question the need for the capsulectomy just because it's there but that's a separate issue from the traveling to the surgeon. 

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Capsulecotmy and travel

While it is probably OK to go to the LA doctor, you may want to consider staying clsoer to home because of the post-op care. If you feel the importance to have it done in LA, you may want to spend a few weeks there during the early post-op period to be watched.

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Is It Risky To Be Traveling out of State to Go to a Known Surgeon For Capsulectomy?

Generally it is best to receive medical care locally so you can take care of any problems that show up later. But your case is have family to stay with in LA and you know the doctor personally. The surgery could easily be done locally but I don't see a problem in going to LA as long as you stay until everything is well healed or else have the time and money to travel back and forth.

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Travelling for Plastic Surgery Out of State

Travelling for surgery is quite common, especially when you have a strong relationship with your surgeon. You do incur additional costs for travelling and hotels etc that you could avoid by staying close to home. However, nothing will take the place of a good surgeon and operative result. The major issue relating to travelling is your follow up and if there are any issues that need immediate attention. This could require you to return to LA or even need to be seen more acutely in Texas. You need to weigh the risks and benefits, but the primary concern should be your surgeon and your relationship with her/him.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
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Travel for capsulectomy

It is important for you to feel comfortable with your surgeon, so travel may be considered. You should plan on staying in LA for a period of time after surgery, and make sure you follow your surgeon's instructions to the letter. You will need to plan on going back and forth for postoperative care and evaluation. You may want to ask your surgeon if he has any colleagues he works with in Texas - there may be a closer, more comfortable alternative. Best of luck.

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