Traveling for Breast Augmentation- How Many Days Is Enough To Stay Post-Op?

I'm traveling from Atlantic Canada to my condo in Florida for breast augmentation surgery. My surgery is scheduled for the 30th of September and I'm flying back home on the 7th of October. I'm a little worried about the quick turn around even though my PS said it's ok. Any thoughts on this?

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You should be able to travel one week after Breast Augmentation.  If the implants are submuscular you will be sore for up to 2 weeks and you probably won't see your final result for 4-6 months.  You should plan on following up with your Florida plastic surgeon in 1-2 months or with a Canadian plastic surgeon in your area.

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Travel after breast augmentation

I agree with your surgeon that a week after augmentation is plenty of time to recover before travel. Any acute problems will present themselves usually within the first 48 hours. The final result won't be seen for three to six months after surgery and sometimes up to a year.

Robert M. Jensen, MD
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Traveling for Breast Augmentation- How Many Days Is Enough To Stay Post-Op?

A week after Breast Augmentation should be sufficient IF everything goes without a hitch. If there are complications you will have to extend your stay.

You will need to keep hydrated and walk and move your legs during the flight to lower the risk of blood clot formation (DVT). In addition, you need to arrange follow up either with the surgeon or one of his colleagues where you live to make sure there are no later complications.

Good Luck.

Peter A Aldea, MD

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Traveling for breast augmentation - how many days is enough to stay postop?

Hello! Thank you for your question. Our practice has patients travel from afar. Opinions on travel following a surgical procedure will differ amongst surgeons, and is best to discuss this with your surgeon. In our practice, we ask that you plan to stay for at least 2-3 days to observe and evaluate the surgical areas as well as your readiness for travel. Depending on which procedure you have, up to a week or so may be necessary.  Certainly, the longer that your time will allow for follow-up with your surgeon, the better.  

Ensuring adequate oral intake and mobility is a must and proper postoperative care of the surgical sites and incisions is prudent. An evaluation postoperatively as well as prior to departure is usually done to make sure that all is well for your travel back. Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

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Travel for Breast Augmentation

One week is probably fine for Breast Augmentation patients to return home by plane. Few immediate problems arise after this surgery and when they do it is most often in the first 3 days. see link below for more information.

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Traveling after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Traveling 1 week post op breast augmentation surgery should be fine as long as you are not lifting or pulling anything heavy getting on and off of the airplane.  Please keep in close communication with your surgeon and follow his/her recommendations.

Best Wishes!

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Is traveling great distances worth it?

This won't pertain to your situation since you're already there and ready to proceed but it puzzles me why so many travel such great distances to have their surgery.  There are so many "what ifs' that could happen and then you're not so close to your surgeon anymore.  This is even more important in big procedures such as body lifts and tummy tucks where problems can happen more than a week later.  Yes, some surgeons are truly masters at what they do but fo rthe most part, most surgeons are very good at what they do and achieving what you seek.

Have a safe trip home and wishiing you the best in achieving your desires.


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Travel after surgery

Most patients are okay to travel one week after breast augmentation surgery.  We advise our patients not to carry any luggage or lift anything heavy while travelling. It is also a good idea to walk in the aisle periodically to help with circulation and to minimize the risk of blood clots. I usually advise my patients not to buy a non refundable ticket. This will allow you some flexibility in the event that you need to stay in town a little longer. 

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Traveling after breast augmentation


That sounds like enough time.  As long as you dont have any complications you should be fine to travel within that time frame or even earlier.  I have had patients fly in for surgery and then fly out the next day which always makes me a little nervous but they have all done well.  Remember to avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting, and to stay well hydrated.

All the best,

Dr Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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Breast surgery and traveling

If things are healing without problems it is usually ok to travel after about a week. It is important to stay well hydrated and move around so that you keep the risk of developing clots in your legs to a minimum.

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