Do genetics have anything to do with Brazilian Butt Lifts being permanent?

My mom got a fat grafting for the wrinkles in between her eyebrows. They were supposed to be permanent but stayed for only 2 yrs. She went to a very reputable doctor as well. If I did a Brazilian Butt Lift, would it stay for only a certain length of time or would it be truly permanent?

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Brazilian butt lift and fat grafting long-term results are determined by the surgeon's skills and experience

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The success of fat transfer lies in the surgeon's skills and experience.  To achieve long-term results (or at least 8-10 years), the fat grafts must form their new blood supply; hence, microdroplets technique is used during the re-injection process so there are minute spaces between them to promote blood vessel ingrowth. 

To further achieve a high survival rate (most surgeons' aim is a 70 percent survivability rate), the fats must also be collected in the gentlest manner possible and all the impurities must be removed prior to re-injection.

Good luck and best wishes. 

Do genetics have anything to do with Brazilian Butt Lifts being permanent?

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There are probably a multitude of factors that can influence the result and this may be one of them.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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