Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?

I live in central Canada but am willing to travel to the States for the procedure and recovery. Is this feasible? If so, how are pre-op consults done?

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Travelling for surgery

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It is becoming increasingly common for patients to travel for cosmetic surgery. Consultations can be performed by phone and photos or video can be used to discuss concerns.  About 25% of our practice is made up of out of state and international patients

Traveling for neck and face lift is common

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I have a lot of patients that come from Canada to our office in Seattle Bellevue washington for procedures. It does help to go to someone that is used to this.  The office that you choose should have experience to make things smooth for you. You should go to someone with a lot of experience with this procedure to make sure the travel is worth while. Below is an example of a video that helps to answer this question for you to watch and a link to see more informative videos:

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Traveling for face/neck lift

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It is quite feasible to travel to the United States for an elective face/neck lift.  It is important to establish good communication and dialog with your facial plastic surgeon.  Prior to traveling you should discuss any preexisting health issues with your surgeon.  Sometimes patients need to get preoperative clearance from their family physician or testing may be required, such as potassium level if you are on a diuretic or EKG if you are over 55 years of age.  Be prepared to stay in your surgeon’s city for at least 7-10 days to ensure full healing prior to returning home.  You will also need a caretaker for the first couple of days to help with your postoperative care.  We have many patients that come in from Canada for elective facial surgery and have an office administrative assistant dedicated to taking care of the out-of-town and out-of-state patients.  

Absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients are from out of town

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It is absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients come from out of town.  Normally we do a phone/video consult first.  We have arrangements at a local facility for you to stay during recovery.  Please call my office for more information.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?

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It appears you live in Toronto.

A question: why leave a city that is chock-full of excellent plastic surgeons to travel to a place that isn't home, and make it vastly more difficult after surgery to stay in close touch with the person who wielded the knife in the operating room?

Patients need a great deal of reassurance in the postop period. You will delighted and relieved to be able to drop by your surgeon's office at short notice because you have a concern about your healing. This will be much more difficult if you have your surgery in another city (not to mention country).

And may I say, as a Canadian plastic surgeon, that we do facelifts at least as well as our American colleagues!

Traveling for Face Lift surgery

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Why leave your hometown, Toronto, when you have excellent facial plastic surgeons right in your own town?  Post op care is usually easier if you live in the area of your surgeon, where he/she is close should any unforeseen problems occur. And, you also save on the travel and hotel costs. If you wish to not have surgery locally because of personal confidentiality reasons, then research the doctor before you sign-up, visit him/her before the surgery is scheduled to be sure you feel comfortable and plan to stay in that town for about 10-14 days post op so proper post op care can be delivered.

Out-of-town cosmetic consults

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As electronic media improves, patients and physicians are being connected across the world. Some physicians are performing consultations by phone, email and skype. In my opinion, nothing can replace the face-to-face interaction between doctor and patient. If you are willing to travel to have surgery, I would recommend you travel for your consultation and meet the physician and staff and also tour their facility.

What's involved with traveling for a Face Lift?

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 I have performed Face Lifts for over 20 years and have always had a signficant percent of patients travel here to Beverly Hills from all around the world.  This was increased through my additional practice in London for about 8 years.  We offer telephone comnsultations where patients have e-mailed their photos for review and discussion during the phone consultation.  This has worked very well for my out of town and out of country patients allowing them to save the travel for their surgery and recovery.  Depending on the type of Face Lift recommended for you, you would be required to stay in an after care facility, that our office arranges, for 1 to 2 days following your Face Lift.  Travel back home is allowed at 3 days after a minimal incision Face Lift and at 10 days afollowing a traditional Face and Neck Lift

Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery

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Patients willing to travel for their cosmetic procedures are becoming very common-- some patients may live in remote areas and others want to have a specific surgeon take care of them.  Every surgeon has a slightly different way of handling these situations, but in general we ask patients to contact our office, email us photos and then we usually set up a phone consultation.  We can then determine what type of preop workup you would need and how long we would want you to stay locally before returning home.  I think if you are prepared to travel the first step may be to pick the surgeon or surgeons you want to talk to and then go from there, but most surgeons are willing to take care of patients traveling to see them.

Traveling for surgery

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We have offered "out of town" packages for over 10 years.  We ask patients to email pictures of the areas they wish to have surgery on.  Dr. Hartog reviews the pictures and determines the procedures that will best address your needs.  

Then we will provide you with a quote and go over various options, answer questions etc...

Should a patient schedule with us from out of state or country our protocol is as follows:

1. Discuss your medical history at length to determine what labs you will need to have done prior to surgery.  Clearly these labs will be done where you live. The labs will need to be faxed to us about two weeks before surgery.

2. Go over any medications you are on and the medications you will take post-operatively.

3.  If everything from a health wise is great...we will be able to pre-op you one to three days prior  to surgery...then you will have surgery...then we will want to see you no less than five to seven days after surgery.  

4.  After one week post-operatively you will be able to return home.

** We do have an overnight facility for our patients to stay in.  After that we can help you make arrangements at a hotel or your choosing.  In addition, we can coordinate a nurse to be with you if you would like one. 

I hope this answered your question!

Good luck with your procedure(s)!


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