How to Travel 11 Hour Flight 12 Days After Butt Fat Aug and Breast Lift?

I am going away to have lipo with fat graph to butt, and a breast lift. I have an 11 hour flight back home 12 days after the surgery, any ideas how I can sit for so long without damaging the fat graph.

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What's the safest way to get home after the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi Ashley

Often, you will find that different doctors have different recommendations as to when it's safe to sit after having the Brazilian Butt Lift. I recommend longer than 12 days, for sure. I have had many patients come to my office from out of state and out of the country. If you are within driving distance, I usually recommend returning home in a car after at least 5-7 days. You can usually recline the passenger seat back far enough that you can lay on your side and still put your seatbelt on. You then can stop every hour or two and get out of the car and take a brief walk.
Since when you are in an airplane, you cannot lay on your stomach or side, and nor can you just get up and walk around whenever you want, Therefore, I do not believe that you can safely fly for 11 hours only 12 days after this procedure and expect to not damage or kill more fat cells.
If you are traveling over seas, then I recommend planning 3 week in this country before flying long distance.  Otherwise, you might just not get the best results possible. 

Talk with your surgeon and get their recommendation.

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How to Travel 11 Hour Flight 12 Days After Butt Fat Aug and Breast Lift?

You are still at risk for a blood clot and an 11 hour flight is about the worse thing you can do. If you have to I would consider some sort of blood thinner for your flight. You should have a minimal chance of bleeding 12 days post op.

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