Trauma Scar, New Scar and Ice Pick Acne Scars - Excision?

Due old trauma 2 right side of my head in 1998 there is a visible surgical scar. I also have a 3 month old scar on the right side very close/above the old trauma scar for which I use maderma but its not as bad as the old trauma scar. Since the skin around the old trauma scar seems to be excessive and strechy is it possible to cut out this scar with a new less visible scar? I am also inculding pics of my Ice Picked Acne Scars on my face. Please provide your feedback. Thanks

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Excision for Scars -- Trauma, New, or Ice Pick

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Sometimes excision is best. Like you said, if there if enough skin laxity in the area, then the scar can be surgically removed and replaced with a thin line scar. Some techniques are also available to make the scar irregular, that is, not a straight line. The human eye sees straight lines best, so sometimes an irregular line is more camouflaged. The best scars for excision are those that are widened or deep. More fine scarring are sometimes better approached with skin resurfacing procedures like chemical peels, dermabrasion, or lasers. Ice pick scars are often best managed with either a dermabrasion or a punch excision.

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