Can Trauma Cause Open Roof Deformity?

Seven days after my rhinoplasty, I hit my nose extremely hard. Hard enough to cause a noseblood and plenty of pain. The splint was still on-I was actually on my way to my surgeon's office to remove it. I was extremely upset, but the doctor didn't seem troubled and was pleased with the look of my nose after the removal of the cast. Three days later I touched my bridge and it feels flat and there is a slight ridge on either side of my nose. Could my trauma have caused open roof deformity?

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Nasal Trauma and Open Roof Deformity

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It is unlikely that your post-op nasal trauma caused an open roof deformity , especially with the nasal cast in place. A palpable ridge immediately after surgery does not indicate you have an open roof. Your surgeon diod not seem concerned when the cast was removed, but a suggest you see him/her again to address your concerns.

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Can Trauma Cause Open Roof Deformity?

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 Well what you're describing does sound like an open roof deforminty.  Sadly, there's no way to tell if was due to the Rhinoplasty itself or the significant blunt nasal trauma, you describe, within the first week post Rhinoplasty.  Certainly, the blunt nasal trauma didn't help things.  IMHO, you'll still have to wait the 6 months for any Revision Rhinoplasty and re-fracturing of the nasal bones to close the open rooof deformity.

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Open roof deformity after rhinoplasty

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It is not likely that you caused an open roof deformity by hitting your nose following your rhinoplasty.   If you suspect an open roof deformity than you would be able to palpate a space in between the two ridges that you are feeling and your bridge may look a little flattened.  If your surgeon seems unconcerned then you should relax, too.  If your nose looks good now, when the swelling subsides the final appearance of your nose will likely be pleasing even if you can palpate some minor irregularities.

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Hitting right after rhinoplasty surgery

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It's unlikely that hitting your nose produced an open roof deformity, especially if your surgeon is pleased with your healing so far. It's not uncommon to be able to feel ridge on the bridge after rhinoplasty.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Open roof deformity post rhinoplasty

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Theoretically, a hard blow to the nose within a week after rhinoplasty could displace the nasal bones, which take around three weeks to be firmly fixed in place after surgery.

However:  If your splint was not displaced by the bump, and you were examined by your surgeon afterward and the nose looked fine, then it is almost certain that your bones were not displaced by the blow.

It is common to feel a little bony irregularity along the bridge line or dorsum after a rhinoplasty.  Many patients will note this.  As long as it's not visible then it's ok and does not represent an open roof deformity at all.

If you are anxious about this and its still only a week or two postop, I strongly suggest you call your surgeons office and just drop in over the next few days to ask your surgeon this very question, and have him or her just reexamine you to make sure.  If you are soon after surgery and a bone has indeed moved, it can be fairly easily moved back into position, but in a month for example the bone will be solid and immoveable, and it would need to be rebroken in order to move its position.

I'm sure it would reassure both you and your surgeon to have a quick look to make sure so pick up the phone Monday morning.

Good luck.

Open roof due to trauma?

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I doubt you caused the ridge which may or may not be due to an "open roof". If your surgeon is not too concerned at this time trust him/her. Also don't an irregularity that you can feel but can't see bother you too much.

"open roof" deformity after rhinoplasty and trauma

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Whether or not your early post surgical injury influenced your result is difficult to answer honestly without knowing more about your rhinoplasty and the traumatic event.  What you really want to know, it seems, is whether the flat feeling bridge and slight ridge on either side of your nose is related to the trauma or the surgery. Even more important however, may be whether or not the irregularities you feel will become visible as swelling resolves, and will they adversely affect your result?  The answers will become apparent as you heal, but these important questions should be directed to your surgeon.  It is not uncommon for the nose to feel different after rhinoplasty.  Especially at one week out, you may feel osteotomy edges, or the margin of a lowered nasal dorsum.  Whether or not treatment will be indicated depends on visibilty more than palpability, and how much the abnormalities bother you. 

Steve Laverson, MD
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