Is a Transformation Like This Possible with Fillers?

Hi! I recently read that fillers can be used to alter the shape and the contour of the face and I'd like to go ahead and try them out as soon as possible. I've adjusted two photos to show what I'm looking for. The nose and the chin are digitally altered in the first to make the nose straighter and the chin bigger, and in the second photo, the jaw is given more definition. Is this realistic? If so, what type of injections would you recommend using? Thank you very much—Happy Holidays!

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Dorsum of nose can be straightened with fillers.

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From limited pictures, it looks like both the profile of your nose and your chin and jawline can be improved with the skilful injection of fillers.  I would recommend Radiesse for you.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Fillers for Contour Irregularities and Chin Augmentation

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     Fillers can be used to augment the chin for small increases and can be used for subtle irregularities in the nose. 

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