Can I start sketal crossbite treatment in China and continue in US?

Hello,I am diagnosed with Skeletal crossbite and the doctor is now making up a plan for me.It will probably include both operation and correction.The whole process is said to be lasting for3years.But next year I'll study abroad in USA from China.I want know if I receive treatment inChina,can I transform it and continue it in the U.S.A?Should I go back to China every month or make up new plan at clinic in the U.S.A?Thanks if you can inform me so I won't hesitate to receive my coming treatment in China.

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It will cost more

each aspect and phase of treatment has its own fee. When done all at one place, a "volume discount" or "case fee" is normal, which is usually less than each part individually. Treating in multiple locations is possible, and with the distance involved likely best.

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