Can I Transfer Fat to my Breast

Mom of 2, 5'9 180 lbs.after being on steroids for 15months I've gained 40lbs .Recently lost 15lbs .It is so hard to loose the the weight ,even with diet and excersie .I never had a stomach or love handles or even back fat.My breast droped and i don't feel good about myself at all.My inner thigh isn't tight any more.I don't expect everything to be done at the same time ,but this is my last option

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Breast Augmentation by Fat Injections

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Enlarging breasts by fat grafts has multiple side effects such as tissue scarring, calcification and oil cysts. the debate continues on how long the fat cells will last. It takes several sessions making for an expensive treatment and usually only increases the breast up to one cup size.

Fat grafting is possible, for the right candidate.

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It is possible to inject fat into the breasts at this time.  This will not correct the sagging.   Fat grafting is currently suitable only for a small segment of the population.  Removal of the fat may require skin tightening so there isn't any loose skin.  It is impossible to advise you if you are a good candidate without photos. 

Transferring fat to breasts to make breast larger is not recommended

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Fat grafts and fat injections to breast are inherently unsound, unsafe, unpredictable undertakings and are not recommended.

Natural Breast Augmentation...Fat transfer to breasts

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There are no photos so it is difficult to know how much ptosis you have. Harvesting fat from unwanted areas( your abdomen, thighs), processing it and injecting into breasts is gaining popularity but at this stage this procedure has more questions than answers. There are some surgeons whoe are showing some good results and some day in the near future it may become a very viable option but right now there are many unanswered questions particularly the amount that could be put in at one time, how much of it is going to survive, what is the long term survival, problems of misinterpreting mammogram results etc. Also, if ptosis is a major concern fat injection will not correct it.

Raj Chowdary, MD (retired)
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

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