Transconjuctive Bleph 2 Months Post Transcutaneous Bleph?

Hi, I had a transcutaneous bleph with fat repositioning and a skin pinch 8 weeks ago, it hasn't gone well as i still have bags, worse than pre-op on the left and at my 2 month review my PS has offered to remove some fat via transconjunctive approach, which he said he can do now. No need to wait. Is this a really bad idea...1, the trust is gone and 2, my skin looks a little lax and battered, I'm sure this won't help that situ?? He said I'm young it will be ok, but that's what he said last time!

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Wait at least 6 months.

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Re-operation on an eyelid is never to be taken lightly, and your results won't be apparent for at least 3 months.

Waiting 6 months is even better to allow for scarring to diminish.

The trust issue is extremely important as well. Would consider a second consult with an Oculoplastic surgeon.

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Revision blepharoplasty

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It is impossible to assess without examination or at least photos.  Typically, you should wait 3-6 months before contemplating more surgery, to allow complete healing from the first surgery.  If you are not comfortable with first surgeon, consider seeing an oculoplastic surgeon.

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