I Had Traditional Lower Bleph with Pinch 2 Months Ago. Very Unhappy? (photo)

I am now at the 2 month stage of my op and my eyebags seem to be just as bad as before, my PS told me that the remaining bags would by away by this stage.They still feel tender to touch but they seem to be getting worse instead of better. This is why am sure that my final results wont be anywhere near what i expected.He did mention he could inject fat into trough area, will this help.Feel i have lost faith in him.

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Revision eyelid surgery

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It is best to wait a few more months before embarking on another surgery.  Residual fat pads in the lower lids can be removed thru an incision on the inside of the eyelid.  Due to the pulldown in the lateral corner of the eye, a canthopexy may be required as well at the same time

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Unhappy after lower blepharoplasty

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There definitely is still some healing taking place at two months after your lower blepharoplasty surgery, so there probably will still be some improvement in your appearance with more time.  From your pictures, it does appear that your lower eyelid area looks better now than it did before the surgery.  It is certainly possible to inject fat to the trough area, and this should improve the appearance, but I would recommend waiting a while longer before considering that, as things may just get better on their own.  If you did want to do something now, I would recommend Restylane, Juevederm or Belotero injections to the trough, as this would be simpler than fat injections.  

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