Traditional Ablative CO2 Laser For Spot Scar Treatment?

My doctor wants to spot treat with the traditional CO2 laser for acne scars. I have a total of 10 or so boxcar and icepicks scars on my cheeks, temples, and forehead. I have been reading reviews and a lot of things are making me nervous. Permanent hyperpigmentation, hypopigmenation, new scars, etc. I understand there are always risks but it seems like a lot of people come out unhappy. Should i avoid the traditional CO2 laser and ask for Fraxel Repair? I have pale white skin and blue eyes.

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CO2 Lasers for Acne Scarring

CO2 laser treatments are one of the best modalities to improve acne scarring and decrease wrinkles.  It is best to be evaluated and discuss the options with your plastic surgeon.

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