What are these pouches on the lower cheek? (photos)

In pictures recently, I've noticed that I have these pouches resting on my lower cheek. I've noticed others having these too, while others have completely smooth cheek. The pouches disappear when I'm smiling and are emphasized when I tightline my lips. These pouches are very obvious and create a distinct line of separation on the lower cheeks. I'm curious as to watch these pouches are (muscle, fat, skin?) and how one would go about fixing them. Thank you.

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Facial Sculpting Using Fillers Like Voluma, Radiesse, Lyft, Juvederm and Sculptra and Fat

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I suggest a formal consultation with an expert in facial contouring and sculpting to assess any possible treatment options.  Dr. Emer.

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Cheek bags and lower eyelid bags

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There is a septum that runs across the cheek in all of us.  It manifests differently in different patients.
For may patients, cheek lifts can elevate the puffy area above this septum and reduce its appearance.
Selective placement of either filler or permanent autologous tissue may also help.
The lower eyelid and cheek area are the most difficult areas to work on:  the lower eyelid is very unforgiving, so make sure your surgeon is skilled and comfortable in those areas.

Brent Moelleken, MD
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