Track Lines Still Visible Almost 6 Months After Frac. Co2 Laser. Permanent?

I had Affirm Smartskin fractional Co2 laser - full face - almost 6 months ago. The doctor went over the area between by eyes more aggressively than most of the rest of my face, due to acne scars. I still have noticeable track lines in that area - is this permanent, or will they eventually go away? If likely permanent, is there anything that can be done to improve the appearance?

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Track Lines Still Visible Almost 6 Months After Frac. Co2 Laser. Permanent?

A photograph would have been helpful. At 6 months scarring is WSIWYG. The reason is the height/depth discrepancy between treated and untreated areas. In such cases, re-treating and planing / sanding down the edges of the "track lines" often works. You should discuss it with your doctor.

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Hyperpigmentation or Track Lines after Laser

In general, track lines should fade with time after fraction CO2 laser. They are usually the result of more intense energy used which can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or darker pigment. This darker pigment usually is temporary and fades between four and six months after treatment. If it appears to be more permanent, then topcial lightening creams, such as hydroquinone, may help. Sometime Intense Pulse Light, IPL or Photofacial, may be used to lighten the darker pigment. 

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