15 Days Post-Op FUE 3100 hair transplanted, still some oozing noted, should I worry? (Photo)

I had my FUE transplant overseas and got back home 10 days ago. Everything was normal until this morning I noticed that the pillow I slept on had some fluid deposit during the night on few spots (light stains). I've been spraying pure Aloe Vera to the donor site for few days and washing it every day with baby shampoo. Should I not spray aloe. Is this a normal healing process, or is it getting infected? (I realize it is rare for any infection on the scalp due to rich blood circulation). Thanks.

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Bleeding at 15 days post transplant

I am assuming that this is FUE bleeding. You should have it examined by a doctor to make sure that the bleeding is not spontaneous drainage of some infection

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If there is oozing and redness you need to contact your doctor. Infection to the scalp may be rare but if you

If there is oozing you should contact your doctor.  Infection to the scalp may be rare but if you were concerned enough to post a photo, it would be best to contact your doctor.  Photos are not substitutes for an examination.

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