Help Please Very Stressed and Worried - I had my blepharoplasty done 8 days ago. Any suggestions? (photos)

The incisions are both a lot higher then my crease. I noticed this straight after surgery. And is still the same. I think I still have plenty of excess skin which I like and I'm happy with the shape just extremely worried both scars are completely visible. Is there something I can do or will they fix themselves over time? Also the left scar seems to be open slightly not as closed and healed as the right. Should I be using vit e oil? And should I tape them to help with scarring?

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Blepharoplasty Incision Too High

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Than you for posting your pictures. During a blepharoplasty the incisions are design so that the final scar is at the upper eyelid crease and therefore inconspicuous. Your best option at this point is to wait until everything heals and re-asses. Please, not let anyone take more skin to try recreate a lower scar because you won't be able to close your eyes which will bring bigger problems (lagophthalmos). To your advantage, the eyelid skin heals very well and you may notice a few months from now that the scars are not visible. You can discuss with a plastic surgeon then potential skin resurfacing treatments if you would need to help the scar fade away. Wait 6 months. Hope this was helpful.

S/P blepharoplasty - high incisions

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The high incisions are beyond the usual placement, however, you seem to have plenty of eyelid skin for closure, and options for revision if they do not heal to your satisfaction. I would avoid manipulation of the lids (taping, massaging), so that the incisions heal as a fine line recessed into the sulcus. Please obtain a second opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon prior to making any decisions to have additional surgery - 1) additional surgery may not be necessary, and 2) if you do need or want revisions, you need to see someone who is familiar with the levator muscle and septal anatomy (does complex eyelid surgery on a regular basis). High incisions can tether the septum and cause adhesions to the levator - I and many other experienced oculoplastic specialists repair these issues frequently. Best wishes with your recovery.

Sara A. Kaltreider, MD
Charlottesville Oculoplastic Surgeon
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A little high

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They are a little high but your brow position in the picture will also affect this. Eyelids heal very well so my advice is to continue with your follow up as planned and see where things are in three months. I expect, once everything is healed the scar will be very neat and easy to hide.

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Help Please Very Stressed and Worried - I had my blepharoplasty done 8 days ago. Any suggestions?

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Hello LIssy27,

Traditionally with upper eyelid surgery the incision is made in the natural crease above the eyelid.  There may have been some other reason why your surgeon chose to go above this.  As far as being partially open I would not be worried about that.  It may take a little longer to heal but that area does heal nicely.  Before applying anything topical you need to clear that with your surgeon.  This is especially true when applying products above the eyes as whatever you put there may get into your eyes.  At 8 days you still have a lot of healing left to do, and I would recommend you express your concerns to your surgeon.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

William Marshall Guy, MD
The Woodlands Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Blepharoplasty Incisions

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You are very early in the  healing process and there is still some swelling - discuss your concerns with your surgeon and re-asses in a few weeks. The eyelids generally heal very well.

Flora Levin, MD, FACS
Westport Oculoplastic Surgeon

High upper blepharoplasty incision

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From your pictures, I agree that your incision is much higher than traditional blepharoplasty. Did your surgeon give you a good reason why the incision was placed so high? Was your surgeon a board certified occuloplastic, facial plastic or general plastic surgeon? Your only choice at this point is to wait for proper healing at least 6 months before determining if there is need for further treatment.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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