What Can I Do About Asymmetric Double Eyelid Crease Post-Op Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I am now one month post op after Asian double eyelid surgery. My concern is both of the eyes looks different in terms of the shape if the opening of my eyes and one side is becoming like an inner fold while the other is a very nice tapered crease. The difference is very obvious in pictures. I've also notice the incision scar on both eye is slightly different on the opening one is slightly higher and another is noticeable lower. Can this be the cause of it? What can I do?

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Asymmetry after Asian eyelid surgery

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Photos would be helpful to determine if your problem needs early correction or the usual 6mo waiting period. Asymmetries generally improve vastly as time goes by. The most common causes are preexisting (unrecognised) ptosis and and asymmetric brow position, which can cause an asymmetric outcome if your surgeon were to use a ruler to precisely replicate the two sides. 

Photos frequently look much worse than in real life, so without more information, I would recommend keeping in touch with your surgeon and don't push him/her into a premature revision.

This is a surgery that requires a very precise approach.

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Having said that, now that you have had surgery, pateints is essential.  Getting revised too early is a big mistake. Even when the crease look like they have been set improperly, time has a way of helping this.  Also some surgery who appear to specialize in Asian eyelid surgery are not really skilled in the techniques that are critical to tweaking the surgery after the fact.  You will definitely been swollen and this will make your creases appear too high.  Small differences in how these lids are swelling will exaggerate the apparent differences in the appearance of the two eyelids.  You should wait because it will be essential to wait about 6 months before considering any type of revision.  However, it is not too early to seek well qualified second opinion.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry in Asian Eyelids

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You may still have some swelling following your surgery a month ago that will continue to decrease.  You should have close follow up with your original surgeon.  The first surgery is the easiest to do, so choosing a surgeon wisely the first time is important; unfortunately, I have seen patients who have required multiple revisions following an unsuccessful initial surgery elsewhere.

Kimberly Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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