Should I Get a Touch Up Procedure and What Are Possible Risks/complications? (photo)

I had tumescent lipo 9 months ago. My stomach looks uneven. it seems that the doc missed a large portion on the left side, and it just looks weird. Is this kind of uneveness common, and could this be corrected easily? there is a little scarred tissue on the right. For my last post-op check up i only saw the PA and he kept saying that the results looked great.. Obiviously they dont. would a touch up easily fix this? or would it be too risky? Any and all information/advice is greatly appreciated!

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In skilled hands, touch-up liposuction is very successful with few complications.

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It is not uncommon to need a touch-up following liposuction.  In skilled hands, touch-up liposuction is very successful with few complications.

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asymmetry and lumpiness is not common after liposuction. You should meet with the doctor and discuss your concerns. Meeting with the PA is not acceptable (in my opinion).

Make sure the doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery). If he is not, then seek a board certified plastic surgeon for correction. Correction of bad results after liposuction is not easy, there are scars, fat, oversuctioned areas all these need to be addressed otherwise you will end up worse.

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