Which is Better for Touching up the Abs and Flanks, Cool Lipo or Smart Lipo?

Hello! I had smart lipo on my upper and lower abdomen and flanks. I am 7 months out, but I have a small lump on my left side. It looks like a pocket of residual fat. The doctor is willing to go in free of charge and touch up the sides so it is more even. He is giving me the option of going in with smart lipo or cool lipo. I am wondering what will provide the better result. I am willing to man up and go through the surgery again if it means I will get a better final result. Thanks!

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Lipo touch up

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Without ane xam it is difficult to say what would be best for you and what the lump is.  Many times if it is fat not treated, then  a small touch -up can be performed.

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