Wanting a Touch Up After Tummy Tuck in 2005, Will Rheumatoid Arthritis Interfere With This?

I Am 37 I Had A Tummy Tuck By A Boston Doctor In 2005. Aside From Losing My Belly Button And A Flaw At Each End Of My Hips, I Was Happy With The Results. looking into A Mini Tummy Tuck, Lipo, A Clean up to maintain, maybe fixing belly button. since 2005 i was diagnosed with RA, can i still proceed with a surgery? Thank You For Your Time And Patience. Sincerely aksully74

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TT and rheumatoid arthritis


To give an appropriate to your question I would need to know the medications your taking and the extent of the procedure he were considering.  Some medications, for example prednisone and Remicade, and interfere with the normal processes of wound healing. Aspirin will interfere with blood clotting.

All decisions regarding surgery require a balance of the potential risks and benefits. Most plastic surgeons will not have a great deal of experience her judgment with the use of these medicines so you or rheumatologist or primary physician should be included in the decision process.

The procedures you mention are not particularly stressful in the physiological sense. It may well be that he can proceed with the operation you are considering with only a modest increased risk.

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You will have more risk



The medications most patients are on for RA will interfere with wound healing. You should be carefully evaluated for additional surgery and will probably have more risk in having it.


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