Is Botox Totally Safe?

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Yes botox is safe when infected properly by a trained physician...but as with anything in medicine, even a simple inert placebo, people can experience temporary they might include bruising or fleeting discomfort or possibly some muscle imbalance...but if you mean compared to seeing your manicurist, hair dresser or even your dentist...then the complication rate is about the same when botox is properly rest's the simplest, safest, most popular cosmetic intervention in the world...and continues with a wonderful track record on patients numbering in the millions...

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Botox is safe when done properly

Botox treatments are very safe when done properly by a trained physician.  There are side effects to anything, but if done properly the potential side effects from Botox are almost always worth it.  Find a great well trained physician who is board certified in a specialty that does Botox like Dermatology or Plastic Surgery, and ask some questions so you feel comfortable. 

Rebecca Baxt, MD
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Botox safety

Cosmetic Botox is safe, but does not come without some potential side effects and/or associated risks. It's best to see a well trained and experienced provider/injector to discuss your concerns over the safety of Botox injections.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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