Need Third Opinion About 11 y/o Daughter's Teeth?

Took my 11 y/o daughter to 2 orthos. Both agree class II bite and no extractions.The 1st(not board certified)said wait till all baby teeth were out, but will use Damon when ready. said nothing about jaw balance.The 2nd(board certified)said to to start right away and will use expander to widen arches/create full smile,then mara to move jaw forward+braces.How do we know if better to wait or not. If Damon are so great why wouldnt doc #2 use them? is being board cert a huge deal?

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3rd opinion

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NO damon is not a panacea....It is just a variation on regular braces that is being hyped to an extreme degree by the manufacturer and the dentists who use it.

As to the proper treatment...there are many different ways to get a good result...each orthodontist has his/her preferences.  Usually there are pros  and cons to each plan (length of treatment, need for patient cooperation,stability of final result, aggravation of the appliances, need for extraction, etc. etc.


Finally the majority of well qualified orthodontists are not board certified..unlike many medical fields, orthodontics never really felt the need for a certification program beyond getting their training certificate in orthodontics....

So, unfortunately you are on your own!  maybe the best way to decide is to go to a third orthodontist, over to pay for his/her time, tell them you will not be using them and THEN ask them which plan makes more sense to them....just make sure it is an unbiased third opinion, not someone who promotes the same "philosophy" as one of the others (Damon user for instance)

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