Total FX or Fraxel Repair Done As a Series of 3 or 4 Treatments Rather Than One?

If Total FX or Fraxel Repair were done 3 times or more for various aging issues (on face, neck and chest) over a period of months, would the results be cummulative, or can scarring develop if its done too many times? This is all assuming (obviously) that the treatment is tolerated well the first time.

My MD, (who works with burn victims at the VA hospital in Palo Alto and is an associate professor at Stanford and has a ton of experience with full Co2 and Total FX) states that if done conservatively, it can be done more than one time if desired. Any comments?

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Do one treatment and wait at least six months

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I have performed repeat Fraxel repair treatments but only after waiting approximately six months. The two primary reasons to wait include letting the skin heal and knowing that the collagen formation from the treatments continues for at least six months. So you don't really have a sense of the results from the treatment until about six months later.That being said, the results after the second treatments really look fantastic, perhaps because of the hybrid protocol we have developed over the past year.


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