Does Total Fx Lazer Treatment Weaken Skin and Make It More Prone to Wrinkes in the Future?

I am thinking of having total fx laser treatment - my main problem being lines around my mouth and eyes. However, I wondered if any of these lazer or chemical peel treatments have a long term affect on the skin and maybe make it more prone to wrinkles or make it weaker?

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Total Fx Laser Treatment

Total Fx laser treatment would actually help thicken the skin, and it stimulates collagen production so the skin will strengthen as one ages.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Total X improves skin

Toal FX treatments, which is a specific form of CO2 laser resurfacing, is the best method to improve skin for many people. The treatment is a combination of depp and more superficial treatments which wil help both smooth and tighten the skin as well as improving pigmentation issues. There is new collagen growth in the skin from these treatments. The skin health will be improved and less prone to wrinkles for a longer time. Of course, you must continue to take good care of your skin and avoid sun damage in the future to maintain the best results.

William LoVerme, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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