Why Did I Have More Wrinkle on my Eyes After Total FX?

Why do I have more noticeable wrinkles after Total FX around my eyes? My doctor said it was because of the tightening effect is taking place and it will appear this way for the first few months. Is that true?

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This will improve

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The laser should not give you more wrinkles.  It is possible that the healing from the procedure is making the wrinkles more prominent, but this should completely resolve with time and the wrinkles should improve!  Sometimes people scritinize their skin too much after a procedure and notice wrinkles fro the first time, even though they were there previously.  If your doctor took before and after pictures, you can compare the two and see.  Also, make sure you are not too dry, as this can wrinkle the skin as well.

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FX Laser and Wrinkles

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There is no reason the FX laser would give you more wrinkles. Sometimes when the initial swelling occurs it may appear that there are more wrinkles. However, the final results begin to show about six months after treatment.

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